Would You Like Some Newts For Your Koi Pond? Some Interesting Info!

This little critter is a kind of amphibian that resembles a salamander but unlike salamanders, a newt spends almost all of their life in the water. They are, however, a descendant of the salamander. Newts are a favorite among pond owners because the pond must be very healthy as these little creatures have certain living requirements.

Here are some ways to attract Newts to your pond or you can colonize your pond with store bought newts. They are food for a wide range of animals from birds like Ducks and predatory birds to your Koi fish. This doesn`t mean you shouldn`t have them in your pond, you just need to make sure there is a proper balance of all the animals to ensure a healthy habitat for all critters in or that visit  your pond.

Pay attention to how many fish are in the pond, how big the pond is and try to discourage Ducks from coming to  your pond very often because the Ducks will eat the vegetation that the Newts lay their eggs on. This can seriously hurt your Newt population as they won`t have anywhere to breed.

You should also pay attention to how many Newts your Koi or other fishes are eating as you may need to adjust the amount of fish you have. If you provide an ideal environment for the Newts, the breeding population should stand up to any predatory fishes or birds.  as per  www.articlecity.com

Another problem is that Newts can get sucked into the pump and killed. Try the method of using an upside down pot with a hole in it  ( the bottom)  over the pump and put a very fine mesh screening over the hole. This will also help with keeping the filter clean!

Newts love shallow ponds and slopes with lots of plants. If the plants are very thick, it will encourage them to breed, the denser, the better!Though some Newts will fall prey, ponds that have a superb breeding environment will encourage their numbers to increase. You should see baby Newts in April and May.

You might want to purchase some Newts as well as  make conditions right to attract local species to give you a much better chance of seeing these little creatures live and thrive in your pond. Remember, if you see Newts in your pond, you can be assured your pond is VERY healthy! For more info, you can visit: www.seapets.co.uk/view-subcategories/category/8.html

want some newts for your koi pond Would You Like Some Newts For Your Koi Pond? Some Interesting Info!

want some newts for your koi pond Smooth newt 150x129 Would You Like Some Newts For Your Koi Pond? Some Interesting Info!

Image source  en.wikipedia.org , www.morguefile.com   used with permission

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