Would You Like A Tancho Sanke Koi? Find Some At; Cotskoi.Com; Lots To Choose From!

If you want some superb show quality Koi, find them at: www.cotskoi.com  They offer the Tancho Sanke, a 14 to 16 inch is $750.00 and a 20 inch female is $1,500.00. They have the Aka Matsuba, for $350.00, for a 12 inch fish and  the beautiful Doitsu Kohaku is $450.00, for a 16 inch fish. The brilliant Gin Rin Chagoi is $395.00, for a 14 inch fish.

Then there is the Shiro Utsuri, for $250.00 and is a 10 inch fish and the Chagoi, a female, is $375.00, for a 16 inch fish. The stunning Gin Matsuba, a male, is $650.00, for a 19 inch fish. The Gin Rin Kujaku is $450.00, for a 14 inch fish and the Kohaku is $350.00 for a 10 inch fish. They have the gorgeous Tancho Kohaku, for $350.00 and it is a 12 inch fish. For a 20 inch female, it is $1,200.00 and this fish is an excellent show fish.

The Gin Rin Hi Utsuri is $1,800.00, for a 26 inch female and the Kin Kikokuryu is $395.00, for a 14 inch female. it was created in 2001 and is the newest variety of Koi. The Showa Sanshoku is $2,500.00, for a 24 inch female and a 24 inch female Showa is $2,250.00. It has the 5-step beni pattern, which is outstanding in the shows!The Taisho Sanke is $850.00, for a 22 inch female. You can also get a Mix variety, for $300.00, for a 6 inch fish of unknown sex.

They also have lots of Koi pond supplies and equipment, such as Ultraviolet Sterilizers. The Zapp Pure 5, for ponds up to 6,000 gallons, is $825.00. It has a flow rate of 2100 gallons at 36w. They have aeration units,such as the Airtech 70 Air Pump Kit, for $195.00 or the Hakko 100 LPM, for $416.00. They have a predator deterrent, the Scarecrow Sprinkler, for $79.99 and it works around the clock to effectively repel rabbits, cats, dogs, skunks, squirrels, etc.

They also have Koi food, such as Dainichi Koi Food- All Season, 5.5 lbs., for $45.75 or for show quality koi, Dainichi Premium Food is $59.50 for 5.5 lbs., small pellets. They have Hai Feng Quick Grow, for 11 lbs., it`s $25.50 or get the popular Hikari Gold, for 4.4 lbs., it`s $48.00. They have tons of other Koi supplies and Koi fish for sale, so give them a look-see at: www.cotskoi.com  or call 1-360-991-1117.

220px Kohaku1 Would You Like A Tancho Sanke Koi? Find Some At; Cotskoi.Com; Lots To Choose From!

Image source  en.wikipedia.org  used with permission

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