Woman booked for threatening Hina Khar

Engr. Mohsin Raza

Off course you have to explain why did you rush from mental hospital.


Looks like most of the commentators do not read the newspapers. Ya, he did something good in his early years, but when the people of his country asked him to leave, he should have left, instead he killed 30,000 of his muslim country men. La’anat on his soul. He killed 30,000 muslims just for the sake of saving his office. He should have spoken with his people and re-formed his government, for the sake of his people.


Balochistan will never be with pakistan,and balochistan will be an Independent state
From pakistan. The baloch freedom fighter wow to countinue to destroy all of pakistan gasspip line. BALOCHISTAN ZINDABAAD!!!

Sehrish Khan

Plz don’t publish wrong news. PREM is not the largest union in railways. Get correct information then publish.

mahnoor shah

am a friend ov nida..nd i really want to see her back…may God help her..

hugo chavez

Surely she can count till 99 as she counted the moans of Monica Lewinsky during her peep-showS …..


How many times we have given chances to other political leaders but each time the result was the same old 60 years corruption story. The innocent Pakistani people robbed by the corrupt mafia those do not like to provide the welfare to the nation. If we give one chance to Imran and we hope that he would prove his best, but for this cause the entire nation should scrifice and change their attitude, mind also. We have an example of Turkey. How a new government has been delivered in a decade. Alone Imran could not do good for the country unless the entire Pakistan should stand against corruption.

Vasi Jamal

That’s the spirit Imran! :) No alliance with the crooks, etc.!

Adnan Malik

Can anyone tell her to Shut Up !!

Muhammad Sarfraz Abbasi

Go FYS….

Article source: http://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2011/10/woman-booked-for-threatening-hina-khar/

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