Wilton sculptor uses medium to portray art to audiences – Glens Falls Post

Michelle Vara says she enjoys when a piece fights her to “get
the conversation out.” An artist for more than 35 years, Vara, of
Ballard Road Art Studio in Wilton, says metal sculpting is not only
her job, but her life.

Grinding, cutting and pounding pieces into shape, she welds them
together, working to express “a flow and dimension beyond words.”
The rigidity and resilience of the material is why she chooses the
medium adding that once the metal is “concurred,” it is soft and
subtle enough to convey deep meaning to a variety of audiences.

Integrated into many of her sculptures are items with a history:
A hammer used for years by a stone-mason friend who has passed on,
an egg basket whose owner simply adored her chickens, a piece of
keepsake glass saved for years and brought from one continent to
another. Vara says she enjoys not only the hunt for the piece, but
the story of the piece, and by integrating these items they lend
“new life to a new project.”

Vara is constantly sketching ideas for projects. Her library
contains more than 3,000 sketchbooks of concepts, some realized,
many yet to come to fruition. She says her ideas never end because
the world starts anew every day.

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