Where’s Huell? (Oct. 31 – Nov. 5)

Tuesday – Nov. 1, 7:30pm: Water Innovations – Stretching Our Water Supplies – Huell tours the Delta for a first hand look at some innovative water projects. Projects that are expanding wetlands to not only improve water volume for farm and residential use, but also to improve wildlife habitat. Huell also visits a project that turns farm waste-water into valuable irrigation water and high-tech advances in gauging root moisture that literally saves tons of water.

Learn more about California’s water crisis:

California’s Water: Water Crisis from Nikko Ambroselli on Vimeo.

Wednesday – Nov. 2, 7:30pm: Lutefisk – It seems the most unlikely food to build a celebration around, but Huell partakes in the annual Scandinavian rite of passage –Lutefisk. At the Sons of Norway Lodge in Van Nuys, Huell watches as members transform smelly, dried, leathery fish into a warm entree. Luckily for some members, there are Swedish meatballs, Norwegian bread, and sweets in addition to the fish.

Pardon the bad video quality, but this short piece will teach you all you need to know about lutefisk:

Thursday – Nov. 3, 7:30pm: Chiriaco Summit – Situated 30 miles east of Indio, this popular stop for travelers and truckers who want to gas up, get a home cooked meal or browse for nic nacs is celebrating its 75th anniversary. Huell spends the day with the people who live and work in this desert outpost as they enjoy this milestone.

Check out this short video tour of Chiriaco Summit!

Friday – Nov. 4, 7:30pm: Koi Farm – Huell visits a Koi Farm and is amazed to see everything that goes into raising these beautiful fish

Take a sneak peek of this episode!

Sunday – Nov. 6, 7:00pm: Mobile America – In this nostalgic one-hour documentary, popular host Huell Howser goes in search of the history of the RV in America. Mobile America contains archival material from the respective eras. Newsreels, company films, cartoons, film clips, home movies and personal photos fill out this trip down memory lane. The adventure begins with David Woodworth, the preeminent collector of pre-World War II travel trailers, tent trailers, motor campers and most everything else to do with early American camping. The program also includes a tour Mae West’s custom-built motor home built in the 1930s. Next it’s off to a vintage trailer rally, where 50 trailers dating from 1935 to 1960 have assembled to spend a weekend showing off their pride and joys. Later, the program features a visit to a Teardrop trailer that was built in the 1940s and is only 10-feet long and four feet wide, but packs all the comforts of home. There also is a segment on the consummate American travel trailer, the Airstream, which has been producing been producing their silver bullet trailers since 1936.

Listen to RV Expert David Woodworth talk about RVs past and present.

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