What Is The Best Filtration System For Your Koi Pond?

Most people may think the Koi fish is hardy,but it is actually quite fragile. This is because of the inbreeding done to acquire all the beautiful colors and the result is a reduced immune system. For this reason they need superb quality water to live in.

A Koi pond is usually much bigger than the average garden pond so there needs to be an excellent filtration system to deal with removing solid waste and neutralize harmful chemicals. For this you will need a mechanical and biological filtering system.

Koi have an insatiable appetite and in the summertime should be fed as many as 8 times a day,thus they will make a lot of waste and not only solid waste, but in the form of ammonia that`s from their urine and that which is produced by their gills. Then there is the addition of uneaten food and plant  debris,so the need for filtration is great. You must get the filtration system right as it will affect the health of your fish if the water quality is not superior.

The three areas are; the pump, which has to be the right capacity. It should be large enough to pump half the volume of your pond every hour and do so without straining, but not so big that it overwhelms the filtering system and stops it from working properly. You will need to calculate the pond size and the pump capacity in gallons per hour.  as per www.articlesfactory.com

The mechanical filtration should be large enough to let gravity to do it`s job, for example, if the chamber on your filter is too small, water will pass through too fast and not get filtered properly. To get the biological filtration right, the mechanical filtration must be right first. If things are filtered out at this stage, the biological filter will stay clean and unclogged.

An excellent biological filtration, depending on your pond size, should have as many as four chambers and needs to be filled with a medium that gives lots of surface area for the friendly bacteria to grow on. At the start of the season, you could find that the water gets algae bloom, which is not unusual, as it takes time for the biological filter to start up with the warming weather.

You might need to put some bacteria in the filter to help get it going. Ask the advice of a pond professional as no two ponds are alike, so you need a system tailored to your needs. For more info, you can visit: www.pondsofkoi.com

filtration system for your koi pond What Is The Best Filtration System For Your Koi Pond?

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