Water Quality Improvement in Koi & Decorative Ponds

The Bacta-Pur® System

Bacta-Pur® KLEAR — a balanced community of microorganisms for the reduction of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.  Reduces soluble phosphorous levels and improves water quality and clarity.

Bacta-Pur® Sludgebusters — a balanced community of microorganisms to biodegrade organic wastes (sludge, fish waste etc.).  Reduces the occurrence of oxygen deficient sludge areas and reduces causes of noxious odors (methane, hydrogen sulfide etc.).

Bacta-Pur® NUTRIPAK — growth enhancers to assure the presence of essential nutrients for healthy growth of the beneficial microorganisms.  Trace elements can naturally reduce over time; Bacta-Pur® NUTRIPAK replenishes these instantly.

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