Want Success With Keeping Your Koi Fish Healthy? Must Know Info!

Having a Koi pond is a great addition to any yard and though Koi have been known to live over 200 years, today they live about 30 years. The oldest that ever lived was 226 years old. If you give your Koi proper care and superb nutrition, they will live a very long time.You must, however, be consistent and diligent.

Their colors include; white, black, silver, red, orange, yellow, green and blue. The care they receive and the environment directly affect their color.

Another thing to know is that Koi act differently in smaller ponds than they do in larger ones. In a smaller pond, they will normally school together, but in larger ponds, they will separate into small units. These fish are also known to be social with other fish breeds, except, of course, the ones that are smaller than they are. Remember, any fish will eat another fish if he can get it in his mouth!

You should have at least a 500 gallon pond, but the bigger, the better! They grow very fast and if your see they are outgrowing their environment, you may be able to trade them for smaller Koi. They need lots of space and can become costly if you are having trouble keeping them, as you will need to replace them. Remember, Koi are naturally used to cold water, so keep the water temperature between 61 to 75 degrees F.  as per  http://michaelcharris.articlealley.com

They can be left in the pond in the winter and actually like the colder temps, but the pond should be no less than 3 feet deep, so they will have somewhere to  hibernate for winter. This decreases their digestive functions drastically and should not be fed when the temperature gets below 50 degrees F. This is because the food will not digest and it will spoil in their stomachs, thus making them very sick!

220px Koi43 Want Success With Keeping Your Koi Fish Healthy? Must Know Info!

Image source  en.wikipedia.org  used with permission

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