Want An Organic Pond Colorant For Your Koi Pond? Thepondoutlet.Com!

If you want some organic pond products for your Koi pond, check out: www.thepondoutlet.com They offer Organic Pond Colorant by Ultra Clear, for 12 oz., it`s $8.20, for 32 oz., it`s $14.75 and 1 gallon is $40.16. This product is “totally organic, safe for fish and plants.” You use 2 oz. per 1,000 gallons.

Because it is organic, it means there`s no problems with toxic buildup from continued use of the product. On their site, they state “As long as the product is used as designed, it provides excellent benefits ( a beautiful blue color and reduced algae problems) without being dangerous in any way.”

If you need some medicated fish food, they have Romet TC by Microbe-Lift, Anti-Bacterial Top Coating, for Fish Food, 2 oz. is $18.70 and 4 oz. is $ 32.11. It is a combination of Sulfadinmethorine and Ormetoprin that provides the benefits of a bacterial medicated food. Feed 23 mg. per 1 lb. of body weight of fish, per day.

They have Garlic Extreme, by Kent Marine, 4 oz., for $29.52 and this product is “used as a food soak, Garlic Xtreme is a strong attractant enticing finicky eaters to begin feeding sooner.”  Use if there are parasites present or if the fish has visible wounds or infections. Add 1 drop to the  aquarium or pond, per 10 gallons. It contains no artificial ingredients or steroids.

They offer Microbe-Lift Immunostimulant Food, 12 oz., for $10.06, 2 lbs., for $16.02 up to 30 lbs., for $87.09. It has twice the amount of vitamins and Montmorillonite Clay, for additional minerals, plus it acts as a toxin binder by neutralizing the metabolic toxins.

They also offer Ultra Balance Wheat Germ Koi Food, Cold Weather Food, for 20 oz., medium pellets, it`s $ 9.99 and 5 lbs of medium or large pellets is $21.99. This food is specifically formulated for cooler water temperatures above 41 degrees F.

You should NOT feed your Koi once the water temps get to 41 degrees F. This medium, color enhancing, floating pellet is approx. 4.5 mm. They have tons of other products for your Koi pond, so give them a look-see at: www.thepondoutlet.com

220px Six koi3 Want An Organic Pond Colorant For Your Koi Pond? Thepondoutlet.Com!

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