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Koi Art Gallery presents “The City, Fragments and Shadows”, a contemporary art exhibition by Susanna Terra and Orit Drori. The show is as part of the Italian Festival 2011 held to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Italian unification.

Long-term residents in Asia, painter and illustrator Susanna and photographer and conceptual artist Orit, have come together to tell a story of cities and the solitude within its walls. From the essence of urban reality they express this loneliness and isolation so present today in our lives.

Their cities are born from photographic realities evolving into imaginary and symbolic images. Both cities and rooms are fictional, metaphysical in nature, representing the personal but also the universal. Their artworks, while sometimes dark yet filled with humour, nostalgia and poetry, are unique.

They use a special technique – working on paper made with photos taken by them, manipulated, printed and used as a collage, mixed with oil sticks and acrylic.

This fragmented nature of the works reflects the personal. The intertwining of memories to make up a whole seems to reflect both of the artists’ nomadic and wandering lives. Never staying in one place too long, they seem in these works to be challenging the concept of home. Their fictional cities stand for our souls. They contain our mistakes, our past, our fears, and our desires. In essence every city is the same.

Even though the cities are reminiscent of Thai cities, the Thai urban landscape has only been used as a pretext or a platform to take on broader themes. The cities are actually generic and show the characteristics of the new modern city in a globalised capitalistic world.

While the cities deal with the human condition as a whole in a particular context, the rooms represent the private sphere – rougher, more expressionistic in style and with more painting used to symbolically represent our emotions.

”The City, Fragments and Shadows”

will be on show at Koi Art Gallery from July 1-7. Thegallery is locatedonSukhumvit Soi 31 and is open daily from 10am-7pm. Call 02-662-3218.


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