Things To Know When Looking For A Contractor To Build Your Koi Pond, Part 2

Next, you should build a rapport with the previous customer and ask if you can come see their pond, so you can inspect the contractors work. It would be best to do this  inspection without the contractor so you can ask the homeowner some very important, sensitive questions; Did they finish what they said they would? Did they respect your property and privacy during the course of the job? Did they fix any problems without a hassle? Did they honor their bid or ask for more money?

Is their Contract License up to date? Make sure you do extensive research on the contractor you are considering and always ASK FOR COPIES! You should also contact the State Contractor`s Board to make absolutely sure they have a contractor`s license. Do they have a surely bond? Make sure they offer this, in case the contractor takes off with your money, you can collect!

Ask if they have adequate liability insurance, for damage to yours or your neighbor`s property. Their liability should be no less than $1 million. Ask if they have workmen`s compensation insurance, for medical care/loss of wage, from being injured on your property. One of the very first things you should do is check with the Better Business Bureau, to see if there are any reports from disgruntled clients.  as per

You should also check your local police department, to see if they have a record of any kind, that would make them take off with your money, only to show back up later, in business once again! You should never give them more money than what can be accounted for in materials and/or labor. Every check you pay them, you should ask for a lien release for that amount,  and especially get a final lien release upon completion of the job because if they did not pay a vendor for materials used on your project, without a lien release, that vendor can attach your house until you pay it, AGAIN!

You should always insist on a written contract, with details, and don`t forget to demand a reasonable time schedule and payment plan as this will protect both parties against misunderstandings that could arise later on. For more info, you can visit:

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