Things To Know When Looking For A Contractor To Build Your Koi Pond, Part 1

Here are some very important things to know/ask when deciding to seek professional help to build or help finish your Koi pond. You can ask friends or neighbors who have a pond for advice, but don`t bother asking the ones that don`t have one as most people haven`t had to deal with a pond professional as this is a very narrow specialty field.

Next is that many pond liner people are inexperienced, work on a limited, shoestring budget, going from job to job, and this results in the illegal practice of mingling funds, using the deposit from one job to finish up the last, etc.

Many of these liner installers are also unlicensed, because it doesn`t take a lot of start-up money for this business to get going, a shovel, rake, garden hose and wheelbarrow. Plus, in a lot of cases, a building permit is not required to build an 18 inch deep liner pond so if it is not installed by a licensed pond liner professional, it can end up being a nightmare for you!

Next, is to contact the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) or the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) for referrals to professionals in  your area. as per

You should always interview more than one professional to  get a better idea of the cost and what the finished product will be. You should never base your choice on cost alone, but rather, look at what you can afford, along with good references and experience.

You should seek out a specialist to ask for references. You should also find a professional that has no problem with providing you with names of their last 4 or 5 customers who have been serviced satisfactorily. This is usually not difficult for the licensed professional.

Don`t be shy about speaking to these previous customers and find out if the work was done on time and came in on budget.  You really can`t ask too many questions about how your koi pond will  be built! For more info, you can visit:  or

274px Japanese water garden with carp Things To Know When Looking For A Contractor To Build Your Koi Pond, Part 1

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