"The Koi Kids" by Hannah Browne

“The Koi Kids” by Hannah Browne

06/04/2011 , 12:51 PM by Pam Macintosh

The Koi Kids Remember this name – The “Koi Kids” – They’re  five  year 12 students from Kadina High who’re set to turn the local music scene on its head.  Tori, Madigan, Alex, Gemma and Damien are the Koi Kids – and not only do they write their own material but they’re pretty talented when it comes to the guitar, piano and vocals.

They originally got together at the end of 2009, entering the Ballina River Fest competition which they ended up winning.  This success led them to form the band with the addition of two more members and more gigs and competitions followed. They entered their song “Iris” into the Dolphin Awards last year and were nominated for “Best Song of the Year” and “Best Youth” taking out the “Best Youth” award. Tori says they’ve put together around 15 of their original works and are hoping to make an EP in the near future.   They all agree there are big decisions ahead as far as their future together  – at the moment year 12 studies are a priority but music will be high on the agenda.

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