The Importance Of Oxygen In Your Koi Pond, Part 1

If you have a Koi pond, you should understand just how crucial the oxygen level in the pond is. The pond life uses the oxygen in the water, so it must be replaced. First of all, it enters the water when these two contact each other, mainly at the Koi pond`s surface. For this reason, a waterfall  or fountain is a vital piece of equipment.

When the water splashes and passes over the rocks, it picks up huge amounts of oxygen, thus aerating the water, so by simply putting a fountain and/or waterfall in your Koi pond, you achieve aeration. These tools help increase the area of water that comes in contact with the air and the circulation also prevents the pond from becoming stagnant.

Some of the symptoms of oxygen deprivation are; the Koi Fish are gasping at the surface for extended periods of time; there are overnight deaths of fish, especially the larger, more sensitive ones and  the water looks murky black and may have an unpleasant odor.

Some of the reasons for the low amount of oxygen are; the oxygen is being used by large quantities of decomposing debris that`s on the bottom of the pond; excessive amounts of Algae are using the oxygen up during nighttime hours with shorter daylight hours; you have too many fish for the size of Koi pond; the surface has too many Lily Pads.

Things you can do include; get rid of the debris on the bottom of the pond; remove the Algae growth; remove some of the Koi Fish in the pond; take out some of the Lily Pads. It would be a great idea to add some submerged oxygenating aquatic plants and algae. Plants help regulate the oxygen levels as well as cool off the surrounding area.  as per

Plants that would not usually survive in direct sunlight or desert climate will thrive in the immediate vicinity of a waterfall because of the high evaporation rate. As the water splashes and thins out as it moves over the rocks, it increases the surface exposure.

This results in the water becoming a heat exchanger and it cools the surrounding air as much as 15 to 20 degrees. This process increases the humidity level, which provides the plants with protection from the sun`s harmful rays.

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