The Five Types Of Koi Pond Plants; Keeps Your Pond Healthy!

If you are looking for some plants to put in your Koi pond, you should learn about the different types. Here they are along with the reasons why you should have them, plus a list of some plants you can shop for.

The five types are; marginal, oxygenating, floating, bog and deep water plants. Reasons for having these plants include; they help keep the water oxygenated; they cut down on algae growth; they give your fish a place to hide and spawn and can provide food for your fishes as well.

When you start adding your plants to the pond, you must take into account how big the plant will get and how fast it will grow. You certainly don`t want to add plants that are very invasive and will overtake your whole pond because it will create for you; the full-time job of keeping the plants cut back!

You also need to check the growing zones in your area, so you can be sure the plants will survive the wintertime. For the deep water plants that need soil, you don`t have to plant them directly into the bottom of the pond, but instead can set them out in mesh or fabric pond pots, that allows air to pass through, but stops the soil from getting out into the pond and turning it muddy. It will also make the job of planting your plants much easier! For your pond to be its healthiest, you need plants in every level.

Here are some examples of each. Deep water plants include; the Water Lilies, Lotus and Water Hawthorne and these plants act as a kind of natural filtration by removing waste from the water. For their best growth, they need; oxygen, sunlight and aquatic fertilizer that is safe for the pond, your fishes and other critters.Water Hawthorne can live in water from 3 to 24 inches deep, but the Lotus and Water Lilies prefer water that is 2 feet deep.  as per

Oxygenating plants include; the Hornwort, Water Violet, Water Buttercup and Water Milfoil. These plants provide shelter and spawning spots for your fishes and help control algae by eating the same nutrients and carbon dioxide that algae needs to grow.

Floating plants include; Water Lettuce, Water Soldier, Bladder Wart, Water Hyacinths and Water Chestnut. Be very careful as some of these plants grow fast and are quite invasive, like Duckweed, so avoid this plant!

Marginal plants include: Golden Buttons, Marsh Marigolds, Sweet Flag, Lobelia and Japanese Arrowhead. These plants grow around the edge of your pond, in the shallows, in depths from 1 inch to 1 foot. You should avoid Cattails as they are extremely invasive!

Last is Bog plants and they are; Lysimachia, Primula and Astilbe, which also grow at the edge of the pond, in wet soil. They help eat up surplus nutrients that would otherwise be used by algae, for it`s growth. For more info, you can visit:

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