The Essentials Of Koi Care; Proper Nutrition & Feeding!

Before you decide to build your Koi pond, you should learn all about them to make sure you can care for them properly. First thing to know is that Koi are omnivores, which means they eat plant and animal matter.

You can plant some Duckweed and soft aquatic plants and they also  eat Algae. For meat, they eat earthworms, bloodworms, shrimp and tadpoles. It is your job to make sure they get this diverse diet. You should feed them a commercial Koi pellet for a well-balanced  meal.You should also offer garlic, lettuce and oranges as treats as long as you abide by specific guidelines. They totally love garlic but remember, those three foods are treats only!

One very important thing to keep in mind is you should NEVER feed your Koi any kind of food that has a casing or skin such as grapes, corn, or cooked beans because their digestive system is not designed to handle this kind of roughage. It could cause your Koi to have an intestinal blockage.When feeding shrimp, bloodworms, earthworms, etc., chop them up into small bits to avoid such a problem.  as per

Now that you know what to feed, you should know when to feed. You should feed them like you would aquarium fish; feeding should only last about 5 minutes or so and any uneaten food should be removed immediately to keep from contaminating the pond.

In summer, when temperatures are above 72 degrees F., Koi should be fed 3 or 4 times a day or up to 8 times if broken into smaller feedings. It should be a high protein diet and you can use a 35% protein Koi pellet. If the water is between 65 to 72 degrees F., feed only twice a day, a low protein pellet, which is also available at your local fish store.

Temps between 60 to 65 degrees F., call for feeding only once a day and once the temp drops below 60 degrees F., the Koi`s metabolism starts into dormancy, so feed once every other day. When the temp gets below 50 degrees F., stop feeding the Koi as they can`t digest it properly. If the temp stays below 50 degrees F. for 30 consecutive days, less than a quarter volume of a summer feeding should be given and Cheerios is a perfect food for this circumstance. For more info, you can visit:

the essentials of koi care proper nutyrition and feeding The Essentials Of Koi Care; Proper Nutrition  Feeding!

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