Tainan firefighters free trapped koi carp

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Tainan firefighters free trapped koi carp

Tainan City firefighters went to great lengths May 1 to rescue a large koi trapped inside the passageway of an ornamental pond boulder.

The koi’s owner summoned the fire department when she discovered the fish, over 60 centimeters long and weighing in at more than 3 kilos, wedged into the opening of an underwater cave. Fire brigade members who climbed into the pool were unable to pull the carp free.

They then tried to pry the passageway open with an iron bar, but the concrete structure would not budge. In the end they used wrecking equipment to break up the boulder, finally releasing the fish. The animal suffered numerous abrasions and was rushed to an aquarium for emergency care.

The owner said she had been keeping the orange and white koi, the only one left in her pond following Typhoon Morakot in August 2009, for over a decade. Family members are very fond of the carp, she said, and feed it many times a day, so it is likely that it is being overfed.

The firefighters said they have saved many animals over the years, including dogs, cats and birds, but this was the first time they had been called upon to rescue a fish.

(This article originally appeared May 2 in The Liberty Times.)

Article source: http://www.taiwantoday.tw/ct.asp?xItem=162455&ctNode=445

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