Still waiting for justice

Elfas Torerai

Justice is lagging in the Magogoe Koi Koi community outside Mafikeng where an 86-year-old woman struggles to find closure over a sexual assault that happened in February.

The grand mother, who is blind and wheelchair-bound, was allegedly raped when thugs broke into her house one night.

She now stays with her 75-year-old neighbour, Mmathabo Diale*.

Mafikeng mayor Lenah Miga visited them as part of her community outreach to mark women’s month, and was told the story of how fearful the women were.

“I’m afraid those thugs will come back and I can’t stay at my house anymore. I’m terrified,” said the rape victim, whose name is known to The New Age (TNA). Her friend Diale said they were shocked at the pace with which the police were treating the matter.

“The assault occurred in February but nothing has happened. The suspect is roaming free and we live in fear.”

Diale added that they were by themselves because their children were in Botswana and unemployed.

“The last we heard from police was when they took the victim’s clothes for tests. We are still waiting,” she said.

Mmabatho police station opened a case of rape and Sgt Kealeboga Molale told The New Age that police were waiting for the Department of Justice to act.

“The case is in our records but as to why the suspect has not appeared in court, we cannot tell. The Justice Department has to tell you what’s happening,” she said.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) in Mafikeng said the matter was with one of the magistrates and they would verify the status of the case.

In response to written questions sent last Friday, provincial NPA spokesperson Frank Lesenyego said: “We are verifying the issues around the case and we will communicate the details soon.” However, repeated efforts to get clarity proved fruitless yesterday as Lesenyego did not answer his phone.

Meanwhile, Miga promised to push the case through top police structures in the province.

*Not her real name

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