Some Most Asked Questions About Koi Ponds & Waterfalls Are Answered, Part 2

The next question is;  Will the sound of the waterfall bother my neighbors if I let it run 24 hours a day? Actually, this sound is known as ‘white noise’ and is in fact, quite soothing,not irritating. Your neighbors may even appreciate and enjoy your waterfall as much as you do!

How many Koi fish can I put in my pond? This range could be as much as 150 to 250 gallons per fish. If starting out small, with a 6 to 8 inch fish, in 3 years, they can grow 2 feet long, but this depends on how often and how much you feed them.

It`s possible they could grow to over 3 feet long and overcrowding the fish can cause all sorts of problems such as a lot of waste material and causing stress. Once stressed, it leaves the window open for diseases to move in and attack your Koi fish. A not so crowded pond is much more pleasant to look at!

Should I really have a filtering system in my pond? Maybe not! If you have a small pond that has mosquito fish and guppies as well as water plants that cover 1/3 or a little more, of your pond, it will clean itself by way of the nitrogen cycle.  as per

How long do Koi fish live? Believe it or not, the average lifespan of Koi in Japan is 70 years and some have lived to be 100 years old, or more! This is because the Japanese give them the  most ultimate care possible. American Koi live only a fraction of that time, due to lack of care and neglect, usually around 20 years, which is still a very long commitment so you should have a plan in place for their care should something happen to you.

How can I protect my fish against predators? Sadly, many people think if they have a shallow and deep end, the fish will stay in the deep part but cranes, for example, can stand  still 20 minutes, waiting for the fish to come to the surface. They will even regurgitate chum into the deep end to lure the fish to the top of the water. If it is less than 3  or 4 feet deep, coyotes, raccoons and egrets are also a threat.

Try using a net to cover the entire pond or a statue, scarecrow or a high-frequency sound emitter. Build a raised deck, all the way around the pond, that is 13 inches, minimum, over the water for protection, as raccoons can`t swim and the birds and other critters will not be able to reach the water from the deck. The photo is a Veiltail Goldfish which makes a good companion for your Koi.

some most asked questions about koi ponds and waterfalls part 2 Some Most Asked Questions About Koi Ponds  Waterfalls Are Answered, Part 2

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