Some Most Asked Questions About Koi Ponds & Waterfalls Are Answered, Part 1

Here are some answers to the most common questions about Koi ponds; What is the ideal depth for a Koi pond? Your Koi pond should be at least 3 feet deep for many reasons. The fish are safer as wading cranes will not be able to wade in water that is 3 feet deep. The water temperatures in shallow ponds has too much fluctuations, as the deeper the water, the longer it takes to change the temperature. Fluctuations in temperatures and warm water are not healthy for the fish.

How big should my pond be? This depends on how big your yard is and remember, the bigger the pond, the more work there is to maintain it .

Should I use a liner for construction of the pond or us a molded or concrete one?  It is recommended to use concrete as it helps keep tree roots, rats, ground squirrels, gophers,mice and chipmunks at bay. Plastic liners that are hard molded and preformed will get brittle over time due to the sun`s UV rays and this only takes a couple of years.

What kind of pond filter should I use? This depends on how big the pond is, how many fish you have in the pond and the type of pump you have as well as the size of the plumbing pipe that is being used. Consult a pond professional to discuss the size of your pond to get the right pond filter.  as per

How do I get rid of the clumps of Algae that hangs from the rocks in my waterfall? All you should do is increase the salt content of the water. It won`t hurt your fish, but will give them  a shiny, healthy coat. Apply it very slowly, like over a week or two as it will hurt your plants if added all at once.

Do  I need to keep salt in my pond regularly? You should keep a specific gravity of 1,000 and your fish will be less susceptible to fin rot and ulcers, plus it keeps your Algae in check. For more info, you can visit:

some most commone questions answered about Koi ponds and waterfalls Some Most Asked Questions About Koi Ponds  Waterfalls Are Answered, Part 1


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