SipSmart offers alcohol intake monitoring

Hamilton’s Hess village has been chosen as the launch pad for an in-bar breathalyser technology designed to keep drinkers aware of their alcohol intake.

Ladybug Teknologies chose to introduce its SipSmart Network at the Koi/Sizzle complex in Hess Village.

Koi co-owner Dean Collett said Ladybug asked to use the bar as a venue for the introduction and the machine will be there all weekend.

Ladybug spokesperson Adam Crake said in a statement the machine will be available to the public after a private launch party on Friday night.

The Cambridge-based company says the SipSmart Network is alcohol monitoring technology that “integrates the best of today’s social networking tools, digital content, social media and data capture and brings them together with enforcement breathalyser technology to create a first-of-its-kind personal, intelligent tool for social drinkers.”

The company believes the technology provides tools for young people eager to curb drinking and driving to have a good time but “drink with their heads.”

In Ontario, a motorist who has more than 80 mg of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood is legally impaired and charged as such.

For $5 a night, the SipSmart Network will allow guests to do samples three times during the evening using enforcement breath testing technology, view an onscreen chart of their readings and even reward them with a coupon for upcoming events.

Ladybug says the Network will be augmented with smart phone apps and rich digital content and will grow to include other mobile technology tools in the coming months.

Christine Montag, Ladybug’s co-founder and CFO, said in the statement the Network integrates “all the things that are fun about partying with today’s mobile and interactive technologies to become an intelligent and very personal drinking buddy to social drinkers everywhere.”

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