Robbie Williams is taking his robot OM

But Robbie Williams has bigger plans for his backyard in LA, and they’ll make
it look more like a scene from Blade Runner than Gardeners’ World.

He’s bagged the giant robot figure OM used on Take That’s record-breaking
Progress Tour in the summer.

I bumped into Jason Orange spending his earnings from the tour in Selfridges.
He said: “Robbie’s having OM he claimed it during the tour. He’s going to
put it in his garden, it’s typical Rob.”

Robbie is having the metal structure broken up so he can have it reassembled
at home on Mulholland Drive.

He must have loved Meccano as a kid.

The solo singer is still deciding exactly what to do with the robot, which is
100ft tall at its full height.

Another part of the Progress stage, The Big Man which sat above the band as
they performed, has been sold for scrap raising 13,000 for charity.

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