I just can’t let the final passing of Saab go unmentioned. My 93 convertible was one of the most fun cars I ever owned. It predated the GM takeover by one year, but GM has to be commended for destroying such a great company in record time.  Who says that GM does not deserve such superlatives? It took GM three years longer to destroy Saturn, eight years longer to ruin Oldsmobile and fourteen years longer to flush Buick.  Ultimately, my car died from mold spores, the inevitable consequence of driving the car with the top down year round, and in which it never quite dried out, until it was hauled off with 180,000 miles to become a koi pond. I recently learned that my beloved Taurus X was a great car because it was really a Volvo. In a world in which not everyone can be great at everything, the GM bailout would have been better spent by outsourcing all American car production to anyone from Sweden. Much as I love my Audi A4, it is no Saab. And that’s my saab story for the day.

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