Peter Robinson makes a splash… by falling into garden pond

The First Minister may be used to his opponents ‘carping’ on at him, but Peter
Robinson certainly wasn’t coy about telling the world how he fell into his
garden pond.

The DUP leader — well-known as a breeder of Japanese koi carp — revealed
yesterday on Twitter how he nearly swam with the fishes after deciding to
clean out some algae from his “neglected” pond.

But perhaps Mr Robinson should have paid more attention to the ‘never on a
Sunday’ brigade of his party before he went fishing for sympathy.

“The Good Lord punishes any desecration of His day,” joked the First Minister.

“What harm could it be to remove all that algae from the side of the pond and
make God’s little creatures more content? So I set about it.

“Half way through making my fish feel better about themselves I lost my
footing and headlong fell into the pond. That was the easy part.

“Getting out of a pond with slippy sides is not easy, especially as the water
level is beyond the level of my mouth and nose.”

Mr Robinson said his calls for help went unanswered as his family “either
chortled and convulsed, or searched for insurance policies”.

“The FM issue was almost settled,” he added, in a reference to the heated
debate over the possibility of Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness replacing Mr
Robinson after the Assembly election.

After some good-natured online ribbing, the DUP chief said: “Responses about
slippery slopes, ‘carping’ on about issues and expressions of concern about
my fish do not meet my need for sympathy.”

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