Paulus faces two opponents in Batu Danau

Posted on April 7, 2011, Thursday

LIMBANG: Batu Danau is seeing a three-cornered fight that involves BN, PKR and SNAP.

Returning officer Stephen Kalong Nanggang yesterday announced the three candidates: incumbent Paulus Gumbang (BN-SPDP), Dr Lau Liak Koi (PKR) and Lawrence Cosmas Sunang Simpang (SNAP).

Paulus was accompanied by more than 1,000 supporters to the nomination centre where he submitted his nomination papers at 9.05am. Dr Lau handed in his papers at 9.15am and Lawrence at 9.23 am.

Paulus was proposed by Latif Sapong Apong and seconded by Assan Ngang; Dr Lau was proposed by
Jack George Boogy and seconded by Etan Kuen. Contractor Lawrence was proposed by Kandau Lukok and seconded by Ucha Langkik.

Limbang MP Hasbi Habibollah was at the scene to give his support to Paulus, while Petaling Jaya Selatan MP Hee Loi Sian (PKR) accompanied Dr Lau.

Paulus has been at the helm in Batu Danau since 2006, and was active in helping people in Limbang. The 60-year-old has a Bachelor of Arts from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. He is married with three children who support his career.

Dr Lau, 58, is married with two children – a boy and a girl. This is not his first political challenge, for he has battled MP Hasbi in the parliamentary election in 2008, but lost by 676 votes only.

Newcomer Lawrence received his higher education in Cambridge OCE E-Level with International Correspondent School Australia (1967-1972).

The 63-year-old has an Agriculture Basic Certificate. He had worked with the Information Department as a unit director, district information officer, chief bureau and is a recipient of the Excellent Service Award.

This election recorded an increase of 7,636 voters compared to 6,889 in 2006.

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