Tickets will be available at any pond location on the tour, with proceeds benefiting either the American Cancer Society or the Humane Society of South Mississippi.

The Gulf Coast Koi Society has members across the Coast as well as in Mobile. The group’s purpose is to provide information on koi and koi ponds and issues associated with them.

Members provide support to each other, and sizes of their ponds are as varied as the members themselves.

The ponds on tour and where they’re located:

n Richard and Irene Mills, 6416 Apelehama Place, Diamondhead. The irregularly shaped pond, 19 feet by 9 feet, is in a backyard with several varieties of trees and plants and an elevated patio that overlooks its surroundings.

n Pine Hills Nursery, 7434 Cuevas Road, Pass Christian. This large pond, at 45 feet by 15 feet, is edged with stones and has a 41/2-foot high waterfall. A bridge crosses the pond in the middle.

n Giao Tran, 22226 Derrick Road, Pass Christian. Several show-quality koi live in this 13,000-gallon pond. Tran built the pond himself in the shape of Vietnam.

n Robert and Cassie Homes, 1811 22nd Ave., Gulfport. A waterfall, a bridge and a small fountain highlight this 5,000-gallon pond where about 35 koi and a few goldfish make their home.

n Leon Sootin, 14950 Loveless Drive, Gulfport. In this approximately 7,000-gallon pond, about 25 koi, a few goldfish and various aquatic plants live. A 10-foot waterfall and patio add to the design.

n Bill and Angie Angle, 15450 Ewing St., Gulfport, Saturday only. The Angles have a 3,000-gallon pond for their koi.

n Ben Bui, 17094 Excalibur Circle, Gulfport, Sunday only. An extensive filter system keeps the large pond’s water clear for about 50 show-quality koi.

n Karen Saffle, 14121 Keebler Road, Gulfport, Saturday only. Saffle has three small ponds and water gardens in the large yard. One pond features a bench, while another has a mosaic edging and a ceramic urn fountain.

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