Okai Koi North NDC Parliamentary Aspirant To Pull A surprise

Politics of Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Source: The Crystal Clear Lens

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Mr. John Kwesi Mensah, a National Democratic Congress parliamentary aspirant said he
will pull a surprise by axing the New Patriotic Party (NPP) from the Okaikoi North
Constituency seat comes 2012 if he is giving the knot to lead the party in the area.
There have been agitations from the Okaikoi North NDC party as to why the
constituency has not been able to win the seat for the past sixteen years but Mr.
Mensah said he will pull the floating voters to machete the NPP from the seat.
According to people who spoke to the Crystal Clear Lens on reasons why they are all
gunning for Mr. Mensah, the aspirant has been in the constituency for the past
forty-five years with a track record of giving the constituency some infrastructural

“We need a candidate who has been in the constituency for long and knows the needs
and aspiration of our people with the vision to bring development to the
constituency,” a proud member said.

The Man who spoke on condition of anonymity said there have been some achievements
by Mr. Mensah during his reign as the Assembly-man by providing streets lights on
the ceremonial roads and other roads in Fadama which has curbed down stealing,
arm-robbery and other inhuman related activities in the area.
“There have been road constructions; drainage works to avert floods in the area
through the hard-work of the former assembly man for the Gbemomo electoral area who
wants to take the people of Okai Koi North to the promise land when given mandate to
lead the NDC,” he stated.
He further revealed that Mr. Mensah has constructed a clinic for the people of
Fadama to see to their health issues in the area and now the people have a health
facility to attend when they are confronted with diseases and sickness.
“The clinic according to our source would soon be inaugurated for the people to have
their health issues attended to with well trained health personnel from the Ghana
Health Service (GHS). Mr. J.K Mensah during his term of office, through hard-work
provided joint military and police patrol for the area which have brought down the
crime rate in the area especially in the areas of rampant theft cases,” he stated.
A Sampling of the members in the constituency were of the view that Mr. Mensah is a
successful business man who would not after giving him the knod would neglect the
people for his personal gains but would rather give the constituency the needed
infrastructure development to continue the better Ghana agenda of Prof. Mills.
They further stated that the aspirant is an indigene of the area and has over
fifteen workers on his pay roll as workers in Manital Ventures, the biggest
constructions equipment provider where he is the Chief Executive Officer.
“The forty eight (48) years-old man has gone through the mill by holding a position
as the past assembly man who served his people with all dignity, honesty, humility
which brought major developmental activities to the people of Fadama and its
environs,” a member revealed.
An executive member of the constituency who also spoke to this paper said the
successful businessman is poised to give back to society what he has gained in the
past years by making sure that the people of Okai Koi North have the full benefit of
his forty five years expertise in business and other related live experience.
“Mr. Mensah speaks a number of languages that includes Italian, English, Ewe, Twi,
Hausa and Ga which makes him a multilingual with an international influence to his
credit that can bring investors to the area to continue the developmental project he
was embarking upon as an assembly man to the whole of the OkweiKoi South
Constituency,” he continued.
In furtherance he said it has come to fore in the constituency that there are about
six gentlemen vying to become the aspirant for the ruling NDC in the Okwei Koi South
Constituency but Mr Mensah stands tall among them.
Mr. Mensah being an active, supportive and prominent member of the NDC has good
human relations which made him to have a smooth administration as the then
assembly-man for the people of Fadama and its environs and would continue in the
same vein as an aspirant for the constituency and eventually would win the seat for
NDC come 2012.

Article source: http://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/politics/artikel.php?ID=223173

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