NPP Member of Parliament in trouble

THE POLICE in Dunkwa-on  Offin are  currently investigating an alleged assault case leveled against the Member of Parliament for Upper Denkyira East constituency, Nana Amoako, by an employee of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS)

Mr. Kwadwo Sekyere Koi Thompson, Public Relations Officer of the Upper Denkyira East Municipal office of the NHIS has accused the MP of assaulting him at the offices of the Scheme’s Manager on Monday.

He alleged that the MP, who held him by the jacket, shook him violently, tearing his jacket in the process and left him to his fate.

Narrating the events leading to the alleged assault, Mr. Thompson said he had gone to the manager’s office to inquire from him if he knew why the MP had come to the office in search of him.

‘When I returned from break on Monday, a colleague told me the MP had come to ask of me. I then decided to contact my boss (manager) to find out if he knew why he (MP) was asking of me. But unknown to me, the MP was in his office and before I could utter a word, the MP was already on me’, he stressed.

On why the MP would attack him, he explained ‘his supporters have been going round telling people that I have insulted the MP, which is not true. He was at my house on the eve of the incident to lodge a formal complaint with my mum and it is not surprising this incident took place.

The MP has since rubbished the allegation maintaining that his mission of going to his office was to ascertain the truth or otherwise of the allegation that he has been insulting him in public.

‘I only went to the gentleman’s office as a senior brother to ascertain the truth or otherwise of the matter. If I had any bad intention, I wouldn’t have in the first place gone to his mother to lodge a formal complaint over his conduct’, he added.

Nana Amoako said the allegation was one of the deliberate attempts by his political opponents to tarnish his hard won reputation.

Mr. Charles Ackom Hayford, the Upper Denkyira East Manager of the NHIS when contacted at his office in Dunkwa-on-Offin declined to speak to this Reporter insisting that ‘I have been ordered not speak to the press about the issue’.

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