No place for simple people in TV industry: Smita Singh

One has to be tough to survive in the showbiz, says TV actress Smita Singh, popularly known as Punpunwali of “Bhagyavidhata”, adding that one has to be little aggressive to survive.

“In this industry, simple and honest people hold no value. Everyone tries to dominate you. So you have to be little aggressive so that people do not suppress your talent. I have learnt that from the industry,” Smita told IANS.

“I remember I was doing a show called ‘Koi Apna Sa’ — while we used to get ready, even if I would reach early, senior actors used to put me aside saying, ‘Let us get ready first’. Later my friends told me that to be bold so that no one can dominate me,” she added.

However, Smita says she met good people too.

“There are some really nice people. I have been in the industry for 11 years and have seen people’s love growing for me and I feel I am on seventh heaven,” she added.

The actress forayed into television with “Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki” in a cameo. She was later seen in shows like “Kkusum”, “Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki”, “Bhagyavidhata”.

Last seen in “Looteri Dulhan” in a negative role, Smita is now looking for an image makeover. Zee TV’s forthcoming comedy “Hitler Didi”, which goes on air Nov 7, will see her in a new avatar.

“I doing comedy. I am playing protagonist’s sister-in-law, who likes to dream big and she is lost in her world. She is very fond of husband and believes that one day he will hit the jackpot.”

Competition is affecting the quality of shows, says Smita, adding, “Channels are increasing, so is the competition as a result quality of shows have deteriorated,” said Smita.

“We don’t see epics like ‘Hum Log’ and ‘Buniyaad’ being created. We don’t have shows that could be as successful as these shows,” she added.

Asked what she wants to play on small screen and pat came reply, “I am a worshipper of Mahakali, so I keep going to Kolkata or Tarapith. I am dying to do a role of a Bengali woman. I find the attire of Bengali women very facinating,” she said.

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