NIA recognizes English immigrant learning aquaculture in Taiwan

National Immigration Agency Director-General Hsieh Li-kung yesterday visited the Sing Chang Koi Farm and greeted a technician-turned English immigrant, who is serving as apprentice in the famous aquafarm.

Andrew Macfarlane, who used to be a technician in Toyoto’s branch in the UK, moved to Taiwan three years ago to pick up aquaculture technique, a lifelong dedication for the 31-year-old English.

“I have a dream. I want to become the king of koi in the UK,” Macfalane told Hsieh, explaining why he chose Taiwan as his destination.

“Taiwanese are friendly and never hesitate to share with me, said the English, comparing what he experienced with Japan, a country also known for ornamental fish technique.

Recognizing his decision to stay and learn in Taiwan, Hsieh noted that the country welcomes all immigrants who come to Taiwan on whatever reasons.

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