Need A Koi Pond Filter? Thatpetplace.Com; Tons Of Other Pet Products Too!

You can find the Fish Mate External Pressurized Bio and UV Pond Filters, starting at $189.99, the Fish Mate Bio Pond Filter 1000, for $59.99 or the All-In-One Pond Filter System, for $199.99. They also have the ProLine Pro-Skimmer-7 Inch Weir, 4000 GPH, for $215.99, the Tetra Pond Bio-Active Pressure Filters, starting at $219.99 or the Small, Waterfall and Biological Filter, for $169.99 and Large is $312.99, just to name a few.

They also carry algae control, such as GreenClean Tablets, 3 lbs., for $32.89, Pond Logic Barley Straw Extract Liquid, 128 oz., for $89.99 or for algaecides for planted ponds, you can purchase GreenClean Granular Pond Algaecide, for 2 lbs., is $23.99, just to name a few.

They carry the Thermo Pond Heater, 100W, for $47.99, the Ice Chaser Floating Pond De-Icer, 1250W, for $41.99 or the Perfect Climate Deluxe Pond De-Icers, starting at $41.89, for a few choices.

For mosquito control, they offer Microbe-Lift Biological Mosquito Control, for 16 oz., is $34.99, Quick Kill Mosquito Bits, for 36 oz., is $14.89 or Mosquito Dunks, 6-pack, for $10.89, to name a few.

They carry fountains such as Old Faithful Aerator, for a 2 HP- 7 ft. x 4.5 ft. is $3,746.99 or the Amethyst Aerator, starting at $2,473.99, for a 1 HP- 4.5 ft. x 18 ft. unit. They also have pond ornaments like the Blue Heron Scarer, for $21.99.

They also have pond plant supplies, liners, pumps, tubing, and much more like live rock and plants, even frozen aquarium food. This store carries products for cats, dogs, horses, birds, reptiles, wild birds, aquariums and aquarium livestock, such as the Glowlight Danio, starting at $3.99 or the Four-Eyed Butterfly Fish, starting at $19.99 .

They offer the lowest price guaranteed, if you show a lower price from one of their competitors, they will match it! Check them out at:

150px Wallacepond Need A Koi Pond Filter? Thatpetplace.Com; Tons Of Other Pet Products Too!

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