March Senate Elections


fully agree

Imran Amjad



SPM Hunger Strike was going to commence on December 25,2011,Its date has been extewnded to March 23,2012.
This hunger Strike against corruption will held on Constitutional Avenve Islamabad at 10 AM on March 23,2012.


PTI is the only Party in Pakistan which can unite all people in Pakistan.Imran Khan is a Clean Leader he can lead the Nation.
SPM Hunger strike against corruption in Pakistan will commence on March 23,2012 in Islamabad. a href=”” target=”_blank”

Pakistani Tiger

thts the spirit yarrrrr. and yar jo log criticize kar rahe han un ko bhi dair se sahi par samajh aa hi jaegi.. INSHALLA . !


true but the reverse

Atta Babur

What’s wrong in avoiding ethnic politics? What’s wrong in promoting peace? Why should PTI plead its case on ethnic grounds instead of unification? It is not the time for more divisions. It is the time to unite people of Karachi.

sikandar khan

Good Luck PTI


Yeah sure, Ayaz Amir is all set to join PTI. So much for PMLN’s stopping defections.


you have GOT to be KIDDING ME!!! imran khan is the ONLY SINCERE LEADER! Pakistan is LUCKY to have him around! down with PPP and PMLN and MQM and ANP and whoever else thinks they can EVER get a whiff of power in Pakistan EVER AGAIN.

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