Location ‘important for koi ponds’

An expert has said location is important when setting up a koi pond.

Position is an important factor in a healthy koi pond, it has been said.

British Koi Keepers’ Society Health Standards Committee chairman Brian Crocker explained its location should be near to a fresh water supply and have suitable drainage.

The site should also have a connection to mains electricity, which can power equipment such as pond pumps and heaters, he added.

Mr Crocker also pointed out that ponds should not be underneath hanging trees and must be far away from poisonous bushes.

“A lot of people don’t even think about it – [they] dig the hole and then worry about everything else,” he claimed.

It is important to measure the size of the pond in order to ensure any koi medication works properly, as “so many people take a hazardous guess” and make their fish immune or accidentally give them an overdose.

The pond should also be free of obstructions and projections that could injure the animals, Mr Crocker stated.

He previously said water testing kits should be used regularly in koi ponds and ammonia levels have to be closely scrutinised.

Posted by Sean Alexander
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