Lamborghini Gallardo Koi Camouflage by Cam-Shaft

Of curse we all are used to tuners who decide to create packages for the Lamborghini cars, and we love every single one of them, since they manage to give us the same awesome basics, upgraded with all sorts of cool features, not only regarding looks, but perfrmances as well.

Now, Cam-Shaft Premium Wrapping has come up with a rather… interesting than good looking impression of the Lamorghini Galladro, now dubbed Koi Camouflage. The car they used is the first-generation Lamborghini Gallardo owned by the current man behind Gemballa, Steffen Korbach, which is the same car the owner of Gemballa used in the 2010 edition of the Gumball 3000, which he drove up to Copenhagen and Stockholm.

The basic paint layer is black, and has received a koi camouflage wrap by Cam-Shaft, a Gemballa batch and the rims were painted white. This we know, we do not see, because the pictures were taken before they decided the rims needed a new look.

Well, I honestly cannot say i like it. I guess the guys from Cam-Shaft tried to do something different and cool, but i’m not a fan. Anyways, props for trying.

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