Ky?, Koi o Hajimemasu Sh?jo Manga Gets Live-Action Film

This year’s 24th issue of Shogakukan’s Sho-Comi magazine announced on Saturday that a live-action film adaptation of Kanan Minami‘s Ky?, Koi o Hajimemasu sh?jo romance manga has been green-lit. The release date and other details have not been made public yet. The manga just ended in the same issue of Sho-Comi on Saturday.

The manga follows Tsubaki Hibino, a girl who is indifferent to both romance and fashion, even though she loves giving other people adorable hairstyles. On the first day of high school, she happened to sit next to Ky?ta, a mean-spirited boy who teases her. In retaliation, she spontaneously pulls out scissors and cuts off his long tresses of hair. Thus begins the long love-hate relationship between Tsubaki and Ky?ta.

Ky?, Koi o Hajimemasu began serializing in Sho-Comi in January 2008, and its penultimate 13th compiled book will ship in Japan on November 25. The manga’s first original anime DVD was bundled with limited editions of the ninth manga volume in June 2010, and a second anime DVD was bundled with limited editions of the tenth compiled book last October.

Source: Comic Natalie

Update: In the same issue of Sho-Comi, Kozue Chiba is launching a new teen manga series called Crayon Days.

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