KoiPondFever.com Adds New Koi Breeding Ponds

9.5 Doitsu Showa

9.5″ Doitsu Showa

We are exited about the next breeding season. We will be able to breed five koi varieties instead of concentrating on one or two varieties.

Independence, MO (PRWEB) September 14, 2011

KoiPondFever.com has completed construction of four new koi breeding ponds to their operation. Each pond is 8 by 14 feet and 4 feet deep. The key to growing big koi is having a deep pond. Bigger koi spawn more eggs and the offspring will tend to grow bigger. KoiPondFever.com has produced some koi that have reached 12 inches by 15 months. This is a phenomenal growth rate considering they are located in Missouri where winters can be harsh and the growing season short. The filter system used is a Savio SkimmerFilter and a veggie filter at the top pond. Each pond spills over into the next. A 3200 gallon per hour Pondmaster Hy-Drive pump is used for the circulation. Koi varieties that will be bred next spring will be Showa, Shiro Utsuri, High Utsuri, Kujaku, and Shusui. “We are exited about the next breeding season”, states RC Moore, owner of KoiPondFever.com. “We will be able to breed five koi varieties instead of concentrating on one or two varieties”.

A veggie filter is basically using plants for biological filtration. This filter consists of a chamber that is 16 by 60 inches by 16 inches deep. Four plastic milk cartons were placed inverted into the chamber to create a grate and the plants were placed on top of the plastic milk cartons with rocks to hold the plants in place. The roots of the plants grows down into the chamber to remove amonias and nitrates from the water. Water is pumped from the skimmer, which provides mechanical filtration, to the veggie filter chamber to circulate around the roots and then spills over into the ponds. The plant used in the veggie filter is the yellow water iris. Water iris have tubers from which the foliage grows and from the tubers massive roots grow to 12 inches. The yellow water iris is ideal for this because it is very hardy and does not go completely dormant in the winter, providing biological filtration year round. It also has an added bonus of colorful yellow blooms in the early spring. For more information visit KoiPondFever.com



Article source: http://www.prweb.com/releases/Koi_Breeding_Ponds/Live_Koi_For_Sale/prweb8787085.htm

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