Koi ponds ‘should be quite deep’

An expert has said koi ponds should be deep.

A koi pond should ideally be five to six feet (1.5 to 1.8 metres) deep, an expert has advised.

Brian Crocker, chairman of the Health Standards Committee at the British Koi Keeper’s Society, explained the temperature of deeper ponds changes more slowly than in shallower ponds.

“Quick changes in temperature are quite stressful for the koi,” he stated.

Mr Crocker noted people must consider the number of fish they are going to take care of, as koi can grow to up to a metre in length.

They are communal fish, so people should buy at least three for every pond.

Koi “continually grow quite quickly”, he noted.

Deeper ponds will also allow the koi to build their muscles, Mr Crocker said.

People considering buying a koi should go to established dealers, as the Animal Welfare Act has legally obliged sellers to provide people with information about where to keep them and how to look after them, he claimed.

Even with a spacious environment, Koi usually frighten away animals such as frogs and newts and eat their spawn.
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