Koi pond now completed

Check out the fish pond in front of Clubhouse 1 and say “hello” to the beautiful orange and multicolored koi who have returned after the refurbishment of their home. Five 14-inch koi were released out of their plastic bags recently, eager to swim again in freedom and entertain residents with their games of hide and seek.

Brian Milius brought the fish from Laguna Koi Ponds in Laguna Beach, safely swimming in large plastic bags during transport and for about 15 minutes floating, still in the plastic bubble, until they could get acclimatized to the temperature of the water in the pond.

Article Tab: Brian Milius releases the koi back to their home.

In January, the Golden Rain Foundation board set aside $45,000 to renovate the koi pond in front of Clubhouse 1, which included demolition, construction, new pumps and filtration system and lights.

In April, GRF approved spending more money, for a total cost of up to $79,200, to make the pond larger and add decorative tile to match the newly renovated fountain. Water level of the pond is between 16-18 inches deep, just under the level of what is considered a swimming pool.

“I am pleased with the whole project,” said Lloyd Foster, chair of GRF’s Maintenance Construction Committee. “More tile work is to be done on the fountain to match the pond’s exterior tile, and that work should be completed by mid-October.”

Pacific Landcrafters, the same company that completed the clubhouse fountain, also completed the koi pond renovations.

Article source: http://www.ocregister.com/news/pond-320607-koi-fountain.html

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