Koi passes AVA test

By Amy Yeong

Bubble tea lovers here can breathe a sigh of relief.

The Agri-Food Veterinary Authority (AVA) has taken samples of drinks made in Taiwan for testing, and it has not found DEHP – an industrial plasticiser that can cause hormone problems in young people – in the samples from KOI and 18 other brands of drinks and foodstuffs.

Earlier this week, Koi had temporarily stopped sales of its passion fruit and peach juice, pending AVA tests of some of its ingredients that are made in Taiwan.

It has however gotten the clearance from AVA, in a list released yesterday of 20 Taiwanese brands that have been tested for DEHP since the food scandal erupted last week.

Only one brand failed AVA’s inspection.

In a media release dated May 31, 2011, AVA suggested that consumers who may have purchased products of brands that are not in AVA’s list of tested brands, to not consume them for the time being. So far, the brands that have passed AVA’s tests for DEHP are:

  1. Ai Zhi Wei
  2. Allswell
  3. Asianstory
  4. Chen Jian Juang
  5. Gino
  6. Oceanspray
  7. Polar
  8. Sagiko
  9. Shi Chen
  10. Shih Chuan
  11. Sweet Garden
  12. Yi Mei
  13. 3:15PM
  14. Mine Shine
  15. Alo
  16. Green Rose
  17. Koi
  18. Share Tea
  19. Boba


Article source: http://health.asiaone.com/Health/News/Story/A1Story20110602-282045.html

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