Koi Make Good Pets

There is something to be said for fish as pets; they require little care to thrive. Pet fish do not need to be walked, they do not bite, they don’t eat your homework, they eat very little and leave no piles to clean up. I think pet fish are basically staid passive creatures demanding little existing on next to nothing. You do not even have to water them because they live in their drinking water.

I have a koi pond that I inherited when I moved into my home. It is a very nice one, much nicer than anything I would have spent that kind if dough on though. I am very cheap. My idea of a pet fish is a gold fish in a bowl.

However, I do like the water feature. It has two waterfalls that provides a loud waterfall sound you can hear from the front porch. There is also a bridge and pool full of aquatic plants. Water lilies, irises and acoris are but a few of the plants in the water garden.

The fish of course are the best part. Watching the multicolored koi swim in the sun; flashes of red, gold and silver. Angel wing fins on some and brilliant metal flecks on others. They greet you eagerly when it is feeding time.

Sitting in the porch swing this evening listening to the water fall, I was thinking about the koi. A native of Japan, the cool water fish has been enchanting folks for hundreds of years. From the Buddhist Temples of Japan to Oconee County, the koi swim the ornamental waters eating very little, not making any kind of mess and swimming in their own drinking water. That makes them great pets in my book.

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