It’s war on human trafficking

It’s war on human trafficking

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein with Immigration Department Director-General Datuk AliasAhmad and other state and national Immigration directors in Putrajaya yesterday. At right is Home Ministry deputysecretary-general Datuk Alwi Ibrahim.  NST picture by Izhari Ariffin

PUTRAJAYA: The Home Ministry has declared an all-out war on syndicates who exploit the country’s legalisation and amnesty programme (6P) as well as those involved in human trafficking.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said firm action would be taken against the syndicates as the government viewed them as people who had no sense of humanity.

“These human-trafficking syndicates look at their victims as a commodity for trade, something that can be bought and sold.

“Their treatment towards these innocent people is sad,” he after a meeting with national and state Immigration directors yesterday.

He said the ministry would not compromise with those exploiting the legalisation exercise or human trade.

“The syndicates are based inter – nationally and go where the money is. They also come in different forms and names.

“This is not unique to Malaysia.

The world is borderless, hence there is a need for us to work with our neighbours, regionally and internationally.

“If there are suspects, the public should lodge a report because we are firm in hunting and clamping down these syndicates.” As for the eight Immigration Department officers whowere released recently from detention under the Internal Security Act and who would be charged in court for alleged connections with human-trafficking syndicates, Hishammuddin said they were not immune to further charges.

The officerswere detained last October.

On the tampering of biometric registration machines, Hishammuddin said if a large number of the scanning equipment had indeed been tam- A worker putting up scores of Jalur Gemilang across the entrance of SK Padang Hiliran in Kuala Terengganu yesterday, in conjunction with the country’s 54th National Day celebration. — NST picture by Aswadi Alias pered with, authorities would not have been able to register more than 1.9 million foreign workers since the exercise started on July 13.

He said there was no issue with the efficacy of the scanning equipment, adding that as of 8am yesterday, 1,928,495 foreign workers had been successfully registered.

He urged employers who hired foreign workers, legally or illegally, and the workers themselves, to register with the legalisation programme before the closing date on Aug 22.

Hishammuddin said his ministry was working with the relevant em – bassies to get foreign workers and their employers to come forward, adding that there would not be another extension after the deadline.

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