Is The Unique Koi Fish The Fish For Your Pond? Unlike Any Other Fish!

This fish is very unique and will provide you with many years of enjoyment. Most fish are pretty to look at but not interactive and very passive creatures. The Koi, however, has a personality and will actually interact with you as they are very intelligent and friendly.

You will need a large pond that is at least 3 feet deep, but 4 or 5 is ideal. Make sure your Koi has hiding places to get away from predators. You also need to make sure where you put the pond will not have run off that could have pesticides and herbicides in it, which can harm your fish. You will need to research how to build the pond and the equipment you will need to maintain it, like filtration, water plants, etc.

Next, you need to learn all about the Koi and what they need to survive. They can live 20+ years so bear in mind this will be a long time commitment. They need the right kind of high-protein food, in summer, and if you feed them at the same place and same times everyday, they will be eagerly waiting on you and may even do acrobatics for you! They can also be taught to come up and eat right from your hand. They will eat less or not at all in winter.  as per

They can smell, hear and taste very well and even blush if they become stressed. This is a way they communicate to you something is wrong. This could also become a profitable hobby for you if you have room enough for them to breed easily. The ones with superb markings can bring a pretty penny!  There are many pattern classifications and you can even show these fish.

For a treat, you can feed them spinach and watermelon rinds. They also help relieve your stress just by sitting and watching them swim about, not to mention lowering your blood pressure. You won`t regret having this beautiful, unique and friendly fish!  For more info, you can visit:

is the unique koi for your pond Kohaku Is The Unique Koi Fish The Fish For Your Pond? Unlike Any Other Fish!

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