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There are many people who have a pond in their garden, whether as an ornate feature with decorative plants or as a means of keeping beautiful fish such as Koi. Irrespective of the reason, the fact remains that a pond requires continual maintenance to ensure its smooth and efficient running and to preserve the health and welfare of its inhabitants. One of the most important considerations is the pond pump and the filters utilised, which can include specialist filters such as Koi pond filters, which inherently affects the welfare of the aquatic life within the pond. The difficulty is locating a renowned retailer offering excellent quality products at cost effective prices with a reputation which is second to none. One such aquatic supplies retailer which offers a stunning array of aquatic equipment including Koi filters is Garden (GB) Ltd, whose online presence is available at

This impressive aquatic supplies retailer offers a stunning array of pond pumps and filters, all of which are detailed within the pages of their user friendly online resource available at The website is an effective repository of aquatic supplies, which encompasses an extensive array of products including specialist items such as Koi pond filters. All of the products are described in detail with imagery and comprehensive information about the relevant product. Amongst the numerous aquatic products available, are Koi filters, which are a specialist pond filter that ensures that the water contains no harmful toxins and well as ensuring the water remains clear, which is extremely important for the serious koi enthusiast.

The online resource also offers products such as outdoor lighting, water features through to pond maintenance products all of which are aimed to provide the pond owner with a comprehensive array of products to ensure trouble free up keep of the respective pond and the life within the pond environment. In addition, to entice the visitor, a variety of special offers are available through the website, such as free UK delivery on orders over £60.

For those looking for an affordable pond pump from a reputable online retailer with outstanding levels of customer service, then a visit to the pages of should be the first port of call.

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