If You Have A Koi Fish, You Should Know About Koi Herpes Virus(KHV)

Do you have a Koi pond? If so, you need to know about Koi Herpes Virus (KHV). This deadly virus can cause 80 to 100% mortality in common carp. The first case of KHV was reported in 1998 and confirmed in 1999 in Israel. Since that time, cases have shown up in Europe, Asia and the U.S.

The signs of this virus are often non-specific, so you will need to watch your Koi  very closely. Some of the signs to look for are; if your Koi stays near the surface; exhibits respiratory distress; has gill lesions; swims lethargically; has gill mottling with red and white patches; bleeding gills; has sunken eyes; pale patches or blisters on the skin and uncoordinated swimming.

KHV appears to spread the same way that most herpes viruses do, by direst contact with an infected fish, with fluids from an infected fish and/or with water or mud from infected systems. If your Koi is exposed to KHV, he WILL always be a carrier! Sadly, there is no known cure for KHV and mortality for it usually occurs between 18 and 27 degrees C. Almost no mortality occurs below 18 degrees C and there has not been any reported occurrences of KHV above 30 degrees C.

You will need a fish health specialist  and a fish disease diagnostic laboratory to find out if your Koi has KHV and there are two methods, direct and indirect. The direct methods are; virus identification and isolation, which means growing the virus or not and PCR technique, which means testing for the presence of KHV genes.  as per  http://nikolettabocz.articlealley.com

The indirect test is ELISA testing, which searches for antibodies produced by the Koi against the herpes virus. This method can prove that a fish was infected with KHV, though it can NOT determine if the Koi is Still infected with the virus, so it is not advised to be used as a primary diagnostic tool.

If you find KHV in your Koi, you will have no other choice but depopulation, which means destroying your entire population of Koi, followed by disinfection of ALL materials and systems, that have contacted the infected fish. Basically you will drain, then treat the pond area and start all over! For more info, you can visit: http://koifish.mybebo.net/

200px Koi head closeup If You Have A Koi Fish, You Should Know About Koi Herpes Virus(KHV)

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