How To Get Your Koi Pond Ready For Storms

It doesn`t matter where you live, at some point, you will have storms. The north tends to get a lot of rain in spring and winter and in the tropics, there are monsoons. These storms, no matter where they are, will produce a lot of wind and rain, in a short period of time! If you know a storm is coming, you can take safety measures, to save your precious fishes!

If you trust your local weather announcer, you can distinguish between minor and major storms. For minor storms, the first thing you should do is stop feeding your fish. Don`t worry, fish can easily live for weeks, if need be, on plant life and insects in the water. You stop feeding your fish because if the storm damages your filtration system, the pond`s water quality won`t suffer as much, if there`s no uneaten food in it.

You will need to take out some of the water to allow for the rainfall and do a partial water change as well because the reduced water level will have greater levels of harmful substances until the rain arrives. Put up any items around the pond that could blow over into the pond and a superb idea is to pull a net over the pond to stop debris from being blown into it as flying branches and twigs could frighten or even spear your fish.  as per

For major storms, if you have a hurricane bearing down on you, you will need to take all the fish out of the pond and put them in a tank or a 50 gallon barrel and it depends on how many fish you have as you may need more than  one  50 gallon barrel. Put it in your basement or some other safe place. You could ask your local fish store to take them to safety for you, though generally it will cost you.

For very strong, rough storms, you should disconnect all the electrical equipment in and around the pond and be sure no wires can fall in the water and electrocute your fish. Remove plants from the pond, if you can as they may be damaged by the waves and wind.

Leave stone hiding places for the fish to hide in and you may want to add a few caves, if there`s not enough for all of them. You can use bricks or blocks for these temporary safety caves. Put a double netting over your pond and tie it lower down than normal, like only a few inches above the water line, but not so low that if a fish gets out, he can`t get back in!

The last thing is to build a 2 foot sand bag wall all the way around your pond as it will let the water get in and drain away and it won`t take your fish with it! This is why the net should be high enough to let the fish get back in the pond. For more info, you can visit:

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