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If you are searching for a holistic food for your Koi, you should know about Holistic Choice. At:  they offer Holistic Choice Koi Food, for 17 lbs., it`s $89.95.

This product  “uses ONLY “human grade” (not animal or per grade) freeze-dried fruits and vegetables that actually contain 100% of the vitamins and minerals of store bought fresh fruits and vegetables. With every feeding, your Koi will be getting the vitamins and minerals they NEED on a daily basis. You will no longer need to remember (to take the time) to supplement your Koi`s diet.”

Most all grocery store veggies and fruits are 3 to 10 days old and as we know, they start to lose vitamins and minerals with each passing day.  The veggies and fruits in Holistic Choice are freeze-dried within 16 hours of being picked and they are all grown (except for the bananas and pineapples) in California.

If you feed your Koi  a commercial floating Koi pellet, you should know that this food must be heated to over 280 degrees F. to make the air pockets needed, so the food will float and as we know any food heated to that temperature is highly depleted of it`s vitamins and minerals. The protein is there but the minerals and vitamins are not, so it is important to supplement your Koi`s diet with fruits and veggies.

Another reason for choosing Holistic Choice is the presence of enzymes. They have a very specific 3-dimensional structure in space called “tertiary structure.” If heated to as low as 118 degrees F., enzymes are rendered useless because this structure is disrupted. This means floating Koi pellets have NO enzymes in them!

“The freeze-dried fruits and vegetables in Holistic Choice have 100% of the enzymes that “mother nature” gave them.”  The 4 fruits and 4 veggies in Holistic Choice include; Strawberries, Pineapples, Bananas, Granny Smith Apples, Peas, Carrots, Cauliflower and Broccoli.

They also have Koi for sale, such as the Tancho Goromo, 10 inches, for $150.00 and many other products, so give them a look-see at:

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