Hockey Prez predicts bright future for the sport.

President of Ghana Hockey, Oko Nii Koi Dzanie has indicated that, there are proper measures been put in place to lift the standard of hockey in Ghana.

The Hockey President who turned 60 recently was recognized for his key role in lifting the profile of the sport with major improvements in infrastructure, administration, competition and public enthusiasm.

In an interview with Joy Sports, he stated, his outfit are doing their best to get the sport to all the regions in Ghana by creating infrastructures.

“We are planning of extending the sport to all the regions in Ghana to make it more attractive so we can achieve the purpose of making it a great sport in the country”. Nii Koi Dzanie told JOY Sports.

He added that, club tournaments must be intensified in all the regions, and schools and participation activities in hockey must continue to get more talents to help build the game.

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