Here`s Some Beneficial Plants For Your Koi Pond!

If you have or want a Koi pond but wonder if there are certain plants you should have in the pond, here`s a few plants that greatly benefit your Koi. They will eat some plants and need these for a balanced diet. Not only do they add beauty to the pond and provide food for the Koi, but also act as a biological filter for the pond.

One very popular plant is the Water Hyacinth and these plants are very easy to maintain. They don`t need any kind of special soil or planting, just put them in the water and in no time, they will be anchored down into the pond, so they won`t float freely. They will also help fight the growth of Algae and Blanket Weed. Water Hyacinths do grow very fast , so you will have to keep it in check, so it does not grow out of control.

Next are Lotus Plants and these are great for Koi ponds as their blooms are big and beautiful and have a wonderful, fresh smell. They need to be planted 2 or 3 feet into the water, in soil and brought indoors once the cold weather sets in.

It will depend on where you are located as to the kinds of plants you can have. Some will tolerate cold weather and some won`t. If you have room, you can bring them in for winter and return them to the pond come spring.  as per

For some plants that Koi love to eat, you can try Watercress and Marsh Betony. Plant these plants in a shallow high water flow area. These plants are very invasive so you will need the fish to help you keep these plants in check. Late in the season is the best time to thin these plants out, but are worth the work to keep because these plants are excellent at filtering the water and keeping it crystal clear.

This, in turn, will keep your Koi very happy. Though they won`t eat much of these plants in winter, or anything else for that matter,  but in summer, they will be non-stop foragers, so make sure you have some of these plants in  your Koi pond. Remember, they need these plants for a balanced, healthy diet!  as per  For more info, you can visit:

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