Here`s A Few Pond Supplies & Tips For Your Koi Pond

Here are a few tips on the supplies you will need for your Koi pond. First, is to make sure you get a large enough filter for the pond. If you`re not sure what size you need, you can talk to a pond professional or you can just buy a larger filtration system than what you need to keep the water clean and clear.  This pond filter should filter the total amount of water in your pond every 2 to 4 hours, but this depends on the size of the pond and how many fish you have in it.

Next, is you will need to purchase some good bacteria, like Microbe Lift, for a small pond and PlanktoniX for a large pond. You will need to add this product on a regular basis because this bacteria is what breaks down the organic matter in your pond like, silt, fallen leaves, sludge, etc. that provides food for green water algae, string algae and pond weeds.

The last main thing you need is a UV clarifier or UV sterilizer to keep your pond clear and clean. Green water algae, fungus, parasites and bacteria passes through the ultra-violet light and are eliminated.

You should install the UV clarifier or sterilizer in the plumbing system of the pond and it should ideally be after a pre-filter and before your biological and mechanical filter, which are often sold as all-in-one units, because the dead algae that the UV light kills will get filtered through your pond filter and not dispersed back into the pond.  as per

You can find these products at  such as Microbe Lift, 16 oz., for $16.16 and 1 ounce treats 350 gallons of pond water. You can also find Beckett Foundation Cleaner fro $10.44. They also have UV clarifiers such as the Danner 10 watt UV Clarifier/Sterilizer, DNR 12910, for $252.99 and the replacement lights are $73.69, so check out this site for all your pond needs.

heres a few pond supplies for your koi pond Here`s A Few Pond Supplies  Tips For Your Koi Pond

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