Hazorea Aquatics Buys Tropical Fish Exporter Sundag

Hazorea Aquatics, a breeder and exporter of Koi and goldfish based in Israel, reported today that it has acquired Sundag, an Israeli tropical fish exporter. Financial details were not disclosed.

Hazorea and Sundag have co-operated over the last 10 years, selling each other’s products, exhibiting together at trade shows and making joint trips to visit customers, said Hazorea Aquatics CEO Danny Benjamin.

“When the owner of Sundag decided to sell his company, we were the first to be approached,” Benjamin said. “And for us, it was natural to buy a company we were already familiar with.”

Allowing customers to purchase koi and tropical fish from one supplier will help them save on transportation costs, processing fees and other expenses, Benjamin said.

Hazorea has relocated Sundag’s office operations from Kibbutz Haogen, Israel, to its facility in Kibbutz Hazorea, where Hazorea produces its Biosekoi koi. That’s also where Hazorea Aquatics produces about 10 million goldfish annually and owns a large hardy and tropical waterlily and lotus farm.

The fish farms that had marketed their products through Sundag will now market their fish through Hazorea, Benjamin said. The tropical fish division will include livebearers, discus, angels, cichlids and marine fish, among other varieties.

Sundag’s CEO Avinoam Zarfin has come on board as Hazorea Aquatics’ marketing manager. Benjamin previously held that position in addition to his duties as CEO.


Article source: http://www.petproductnews.com/headlines/2011/03/08/hazorea-aquatics-buys-tropical-fish-exporter-sundag.aspx

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